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电子游戏网址大全:Oil prices are picking up in the industry and the oil sector investment space is expected to open

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内容摘要: in early trading today, the two cities main stock index opened slightly higher collective, then maintained sideways concussion, stocks rose...

in early trading today, the two cities main stock index opened slightly higher collective, then maintained sideways concussion, stocks rose more or less, the oil sector continued the trend yesterday, once again a strong upside, East oil wealth concept of change, oil industry , based oil and gas service industry gainers.


crude oil market, the price of international crude oil futures rose on Wednesday, the US WTI and Brent crude in London closing prices in nearly three and a half high. Driven by rising crude oil futures prices, US Energy shares generally closed higher.


UBS U.S. analyst Giovanni Staunovo said in a report released on the 9th that U.S. President Trump has announced that he will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and reintroduce the oil embargo. This decision will impact global oil supply and cause upward pressure on oil price . The United States reopened sanctions and penalized those countries that have not significantly reduced the purchase of crude oil from Iran. Therefore, it is expected that Trump's move will push Brent oil prices higher and lead to increased volatility in the coming months.


In contrast A shares, the financial performance of the company, according to media statistics, 27 listed companies in the oil sector in the first quarter net profit rose, Guanghui Energy , country record high , trendy energy , more shares the sea , Intercontinental oil and gas , Yueyang Xing long and other companies in the first quarter net profit growth year-over-year. In addition, as of yesterday, the number of the 18 “oil-related” listed companies that had disclosed the interim results announcement reached 11 companies, accounting for over 60% of the total. East Energy , Taihe new material , Qi Xiang Tenda , Franz energy , Tech petrochemical , Haley , Emori petrochemical other seven companies expected to achieve mid-year report net profit The two-digit growth, Guochuang high-tech, Yueyang Xingchang and other companies are expected to achieve a turnaround in earnings.


Shen Wanhongyuan said that in addition to the Iranian nuclear issue of 18Q2, there were also other risk factors such as Venezuela and the July election in Mexico. In particular, Venezuela’s annual production in 2017 decreased by 240,000 barrels to 1.916 million barrels/day, 18 years. The monthly rate dropped further to 1.488 million barrels per day, and may continue to decline, becoming an important factor in OPEC's previous excess production cuts. In addition, global crude oil inventories may return to normal in 18Q2 or Q3, and the global crude oil market will rebalance time ahead of schedule. The oil price hub is There is some support for the fundamentals.


China Creation Securities pointed out that due to the upward movement of oil prices, capital expenditures of oil and gas companies are expected to show structural growth. From the point of view of the start of global oil and gas development, we are optimistic about the stock wells that have been accumulated in the United States in the past two years. After the increase in oil prices, the completion investment will increase, leading the fracturing and perforating services and equipment requirements. From the policy point of view, it is optimistic that the domestic crude oil import dependency is too high, and the demand for upgrading domestic oil and gas production under the background of “coal-to-gas reform” will be strong, which will drive the domestic oil service market to start growth.

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-05-09





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